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This week sees the launch of #Mosmoments a twitter campaign where fans tweet their favourite moments inside the club. Its an interesting campaign and ties in with my thoughts on shooting venues.

As I have mentioned previously for me I want to shoot the vibe - not this posed in pretty dress nonsense, and this week I really wanted to look more into this. Now I am a huge fan of colour, for me I do find black and white can be used as a way of covering ones mistakes when it comes to colours and exposure compared to colour. However I have recently fallen in love with the look again, and so my current events will start to feature this more and more over the next few months.

So onto shooting moments – This weekend was a joy to shoot at Ministry, with a general mixture of the crowd just carrying on dancing. I felt at one with the vibe and could really focus on watching and waiting for something special to happen. It’s a wonderful feeling when you see something about to happen, an individual with a huge smile waiting for a beat to drop or a pretty girl being carried across the dance floor by her loving partner.

Most of my work is now all shot on my 1DX and 50mm 1.2 combo. I just love the isolation I get shooting wafer thin depth of field, combined with the contrast and clean look of black and white.

This is what is special……



So with May bank holiday weekend approaching I was in a strange position that my regular clients didn’t have a big show for me to shoot, and to be honest I am really pleased about that. If I was booked into one of my regular shows I would not have been able to shoot in such a little gem of a venue. Having shot XOYO a few times (a sister venue to the Nest) I knew that it would be a lot of fun, with a real underground vibe and lots of darkness.

Now those who read my random mumblings from time to time may be aware that I have been evolving my style in 2013, and been looking out for more underground shows to shoot, and this was a cracker.

With the venue being a much smaller capacity it was a really intimate vibe, and being on the dance floor was a great experience. Some people seem to think I am ‘just a dj photographer’ and albeit most of my work is heavily based around djs I do like being on the dance floor shooting people in the moment. The key thing here being in the moment – I know this might be offensive to some people but really I have no interest in taking photos of a group of 10 all lined up in pretty dresses pouting away with a generic fake orange tan. What I want to shoot is people having a bloody good night, and this is where the Nest crowd didn’t disappoint, I just loved moving around the room shooting people having the time of their lives, and I even got the occasional high five.

Aeroplanes set was utterly fantastic too, it was a real pleasure to work on such a night and I am looking forward to heading back to the Nest sometime soon.



See you on the dance floor.