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This week saw me catching up with one of the icons in the Dance industry Mr Paul Oakenfold (notice I said Dance not this current EDM fanboy bandwagon). Now I was hoping to have this updated with a piece on a recent press shoot I had booked in with Paul but sadly we had to reschedule due to a clash in scheduling, so instead its about last years shoot and the weekends show at Ministry.

Something I have always tried to stick to with Paul when shooting him live is not to use flash when he is on the mixer, now not only do I actually prefer this look but my current kit has really made this much more fun to shoot this way. So expect to see more and more shows where I simply leave the flash in my bag.



Here is one of the shots from the 2012 shoot. It’s something that I am incredibly proud of, not least because I grew up listening to Paul’s music but also because it is on display in the Hard rock hotel in Las Vegas.


I am a big fan of location work and I have invested heavily in portable lighting solutions so I can shoot this way. White backgrounds in studios just really do not quite entice me as much as going into a fresh location we have discovered to create something different. The location we had here is actually the rooftop terrace in the hotel Paul was staying in which was quite handy for any outfit changes/equipment storage.

The shot is simply lit with one large 95cm Octabox on my Elinchrom ranger.

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