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Last Friday saw the beginning of a pretty chaotic weekend for me, even by my standards of trying to cram as many events into one weekend this was going to be a touch wild. With one gig on Friday night being in Stratford upon Avon and the other at my second home – Ministry of sound London.

Anyway that’s for later, with this gig being pretty important to me in shooting directly for Cosmic Gate for the first time and also seeing me attend Global Gathering as a newbie I wanted to make sure I was prepared for all that was going to be thrown at me in the 1 hour I had with the guys and the ‘Fusion Cube’ - So yeah that meant me taking pretty much everything including the kitchen sink…



Another issue I needed to factor into this trip was my travelling time, now the guys were on stage at 8pm, and anyone who has driven on the m25 at rush hour on a Friday evening (let alone on the first evening of school holidays) will know that a short trip can turn into one that takes several hours for no apparent reason. Careful planning meant leaving at midday and yeah er……..



Thankfully once through the traffic I was on my way to Global and the rest of the journey was an utter joy. The drive from the M40 to the site is stunning and it was a shame I was desperate to get on site and not enjoy it properly, which as it turned out was easier said than done. Now security on site was tight which is always a positive, however not so positive when the band you need to get onto the site is inside an envelope with your name on approximately 50m inside the main compound. A few texts to my client and a discussion managed to get me escorted to the cabin and hurrah my band was where I needed it.



General attention seeking im so proud of myself bla bla bla pass photo…



I was on site a few hours before the team arrived and I had a quick wander about but decided not to take any shots and instead save my energy and memory for what was going to be a long night ahead. As you can see I found a spot in the shade that I decided to make my own and just enjoy watching the various artists and their entourages come and go.


So yeah I think I have waffled on in my often pointless if spectacular style and should start to talk about the show. The cube is awesome, probably up there with sub focus and his new tri ring show in terms of presence and ease to shoot. I really enjoy working with a well set up LED system and despite a few minutes when one side seemed to go down it worked flawlessly in conditions that were still not perfect for a full on light show. I imagine shooting the show in full darkness as opposed to having daylight peeping through the tents entrances to be a real spectacle, however having a glowing sunset peeping into the tent also lead to an extra element to some of my shots that I really like.


In one hour I managed to run around the stage, front of house, dance floor and wherever else I ended up like an utter mad man. For me when I have an event like this I really do find my zone where I just feel free and clear of any distractions, which to anyone who may have seen me bounding down the steps out of the Dj booth with various cameras hanging off me im sure was a sight to be hold (yeah something like a cat having a fit).







With the show over I still wanted to carry on shooting, for me as a fan as well as a photographer I want people to know the personalities behind the booth, and so with what little time I had left before I needed to dash back to London I followed the team around for a few other shots. It really was great to see the guys wandering about the site as fans of music and not just jumping in a taxi to go hide away somewhere and I hope they got to enjoy the rest of their time on site without me shoving a dirty great camera in their faces.


With that done and dusted, a quick run to my car left me just enough time to get back to London, although not without a quick snack at a service station.


Thank you once again to Rabea for getting me onboard for the show, and the rest of the team involved with cosmic gate. I had a blast and look forward to working together in the future.





Probably should have a catch line to sign off with by now…

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