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Ok so Easter was a few weeks ago now. However I have been very busy with deadlines, which have to gain priority over any of my self obsessed mumblings that might be considered this blog.

Easter always is a crazy few days for me, usually chasing my own tail whilst getting from event to event with little or no sleep. This year wasn’t any different with the added pressure of the rearranged shoot with Oakenfold on the first day of the run. 
With Paul flying back into England from LA for a few days it of course made sense to fly him in a day early to reduce costs and fit a shoot in. The location was something myself and his management had put together in order to be able to create a number of different looks that can be used over the following 12 months press releases. Now many would say just rent a studio, but there’s something a lot more fun and potentially iconic in renting a strange location, lugging in several pelicases of lighting kit and just shooting solid for an afternoon.

For now I am having to hold back on releasing the images from the day due to how the staggered press campaign has been set up. But here’s a little behind the scenes shot of me looking as stupid as usual with the rest of the team.


So after I had loaded the kit into the car it was a short drive across London for some grub and prep for the second instalment of day 1 – Bedrock. Now bedrock is one of those events that has an incredible following, Mr Digweed really is a true gentleman and honestly I find him a true pleasure to work around. Now this might sound fantastic and easy, but even though John has brilliant people skills he likes one thing with his events and that is DARKNESS… I used to approach this differently, but now I am shooting on my Canon 1DX I really get excited about what I can create. This was the first real opportunity to push the evolution of my new darker black and white look, which I got hooked on whilst going through my images from Berlin. Now this was a big risk as Bedrock isn’t a small event to go changing things but I trusted my instinct on this one and produced something in my opinion that reflects the atmosphere of what went on that night. 


Overall after day 1 I was feeling like id hit it hard but was feeling incredible about what I had already achieved in 24hours.

Day two saw me back continuing my residency as the in house photographer for The gallery at ministry of sound. Now with this line up being a real vibrant trance affair the images I felt couldn’t be shot in a similar way to Bedrock, I needed to keep the shots bright and colourful but retain the elegance that I strive for with my look. Super 8 & Tab being the headliners I knew I could get away with not only getting in close but also generally just enjoy some really uplifting trance.


To be continued....

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