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Well 2013 is under way for me and the blog is now here. I wanted to finally start to write more about the thoughts I have in relation to my work and the questions I get asked by fellow photographers and music fans. January is always a month I take time off as outside of this period I don't really have any time to get away from it all and give both my body and cameras the rest they need. This january was a touch different though and instead of going for my usual winter break and sunshine I decided to finally venture to a place I have wanted to visit for a long long time - Berlin.

Now it might seem strange to go find a climate colder than the UK on a break but there was something interesting to me about this particular city in the winter, and I really wanted to just go and listen to some techno and not worry about having to worry about what shots I need for clients. The trip was meant to be 4 days but somewhere along the line I ended up with some chest and back pains, which meant an additional 5 days in a Berlin hospital. Ok so a great way to relax away from the UK stuck in a bed in a strange place, machines strapped to me with food which wasn’t what I had anticipated when I booked my weekend away.

Away from this I did however manage to find some time to relax and just shoot some pieces for me. The plan was to shoot the mix of architecture Berlin had to offer, however after only a few hours of being in the city I became more fascinated with its people and they way they interacted with their surroundings. So I spent several hours a day wandering about the city, jumping on and off various forms of public transport simply shooting people in their natural surroundings.

Berlin jan 2013-051.jpgBerlin jan 2013-056.jpgBerlin jan 2013-102.jpgBerlin jan 2013-060.jpg

Full gallery can be seen on my facebook page here


Back to work on the 25th Of January saw me take on the task of shooting both the opening night at ministry of sound and Hospitality DnB at Brixton academy at the same time. Now in hindsight shooting two of the biggest events in town that night on my return may have not been the brightest idea, but I really enjoy a challenge and it was a great way to kick my year off. I was shooting the production at Hospitality for Rob @ zeroDB live and continuing my residency at Ministry as the in house photographer for another year.

Whilst away in Berlin I managed to shoot more black and white work and this is something I have tried to push more of initially since being back covering shows in London. I am a huge fan of colour however sometimes I just really like to have something a bit different to what I usually shoot thrown into the mix. Wiping out the colour and simply working on capturing a moment of pure emotion can be really special.



Anyway that’s enough for now from the start of the year. I would like to thank my good friend Tom who has put many an hour into both building my website last year and also integrating the blog so that it is a part of it. For those who like the look of what they can contact tom on facebook
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