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This Monday saw me spending my day in an old warehouse, surrounded by pigeons and their crap…… Oh yeah also some models.

I was shooting for fashion label ‘why so serious’ a brand set up by friend and fellow MOS employee Terri – Leigh Finnegan. Truth be told this shoot was put together in quite a rush with a couple of people letting us down, leaving Terri to try and find hair and make up at the last minute (well about 1 am to be exact).

So lets talk about the venue, a strange old warehouse that was found simply from driving around East London searching for something old, abandoned and well looking a bit messed up to be honest with you. We got lucky here, finding it at the end of a busy street with no signage as to who owned it or who was in control of accessing the site. Thankfully a few calls from Terri to local companies saw us get access to the site for the day we wanted and it was full steam ahead.

Upon getting access to the site on Monday we were amazed at the extra features which we could make use of on the shoot, although also shocked at just how much pigeon crap there was all over the place, honestly I have never seen or smelt anything like it in my life. But we were here to shoot and when you get into the work zone you tend to ignore the smells and random bird flights shooting by the side of your head from time to time.

Not sure if anyone would want to still play on this piano to be honest with you…


pigeon poo.jpg

I was incredibly lucky to work with such a team this day, who despite the searing heat and horrible smell and mess just got on with the job, Sabina was once again was in front of my lens and doing her thing for a decent percentage of the day along with Victoria Waterhouse – Taylor and Daniella Warnett whom I had not worked with previously.

Overall I am very happy with another crazy day shooting, having previously stated I wanted to avoid shooting fashion I am currently really enjoying new potential work avenues and the opportunity to show that I don’t just shoot sweaty men in dark rooms. Once again the 1DX and 50 1.2 were my weapons of choice and performed like a match made in heaven.



And some behind the scenes...


Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard on the day, Terri, Sabina, Victoria, Daniella and both Carolyn and Aria on hair and make up duty.
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